Eyeglasses For Your Face Shape

  With so many glasses to choose from, knowing what works best can really help in bringing out our unique facial contours.

  If you have an oval, round, heart, pearl or square shaped face, this face shape guide will help in letting you know which glasses to focus on when shopping. (Still having questions figuring out your face shape? Pls check here)

 Hopefully, by following the steps below, you're a lot closer to figuring out your face shape! Many of us are combinations of two different face shapes, pls try to go with the shape that is most dominant.


 If you don't find yourself in one of the five cases: it doesn't matter.


Familiarize yourself with the guidelines. For soft, round faces straight edges act harmoniously and give more firmness and dynamics. For angular, bony faces the situation is the oppisite: soft, rounded shapes gives more feminine harmony.